What Is a Hair Mask & What To Look For In A Hair Mask?

Hair masks can transform dry damaged hair into full, healthy locks ASAP. They work wonders for all textures and lengths, but what is a hair mask, exactly? We break down how they work, why you need them and introduce your hair's saving grace: The Peach Hair Mask.  

What Is a Hair Mask?

A hair mask is a deep treatment for locks formulated with a high percentage of nourishing and hydrating ingredients to deliver serious TLC to dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. 

What is a hair mask going to do for your strands? Plenty!

  • Promote shinier, softer locks
  • Increase moisture and hydration
  • Repair damage
  • Reduce hair breakage and split ends
  • Minimise frizz
  • Promote a healthier scalp
  • Strengthen hair
  • Protect against environmental stressors
  • Minimises fade on colour treatments

Delivering a more potent and deeper hit of nutrition than your regular conditioner, hair masks should be part of every routine. A mask treatment is for everyone! Curly, damaged, colour-treated, long, dry, and even healthy hair will all benefit from a regular masking session. 

Why Should You Use a Hair Mask?

Now we’ve answered the burning question “What is a hair mask?”, we’ll move on to why you should use one. 

Your hair is dry and lifeless

Regular heat styling without properly protecting your locks will really do a number on your hair. Using a blow dryer, curling or flat iron exposes the hair to heat which evaporates the water molecule from the inner cortex of the hair.

A hydrating hair mask adds moisture back into the hair which softens your locks while reducing frizz.

In addition to a regular hair mask treatment, cut down on the heat styling to help restore fried and frazzled strands. 

Hair breakage is a regular thing 

Hair breakage is the worst! Damage due to heat styling, nutritional deficiencies in your diet, and even stress are a few of the reasons your strands are snapping off. Using a hair mask can help reverse the damage and curb breakage and shedding.

Certain hair ties and accessories can also cause breakage when they’re removed from the hair - especially in a rough way. Stick to claw clips; not only are they super cute, but they’re also easy and smooth to remove, minimising breakage.

You’ve got frizzy curls 

Frustrated by frizzy curl problems? 

Repeat after us: “I promise to use a hair mask. Every. Single. Week”

Committing to a weekly hair mask routine will help add hydration, seal moisture and hold your curl pattern without the frizz.

You’re taking medication that impacts your hair

Did you know that some medications impact your hair’s health? Always check with your health practitioner about a medication's potential side effects on your hair.  

After hitting the beach or pool 

If you love the water, your hair will love a mask treatment. The salt in seawater draws moisture out of your hair and scalp, causing it to become dehydrated. Chlorine also sucks the natural oils from your hair and can leave it dry, rough, and damaged.

You spend a lot of time in the sun

Just like skin, hair can be damaged from sun exposure. UVB rays can damage keratin, the protein that makes up most of the hair structure. 

Keratin is responsible for keeping hair strong and full of elasticity. When keratin is damaged, it leads to weaker, brittle hair. 

The bottom line?

The best hair masks are rich in hydrating and restorative ingredients to address all of your hair woes by boosting hair hydration, repairing damage and also maintaining shiny, easy-to-manage locks.

What to Look For in a Hair Mask

Speaking of incredible ingredients, let's break down what to look for in a hair mask. 

Healthy hair has the right balance of moisture and protein so search out ingredients that deliver both. 

Strengthening proteins and natural butter

To encourage stronger locks, look for proteins on the ingredient list. 

For example, hydrolyzed soy protein is used to improve texture and strengthen hair. A natural, vegan option, ‘hydrolyzed’ soy protein means it has been broken down to allow faster and deeper penetration into the hair. 

While it isn’t a protein, shea butter is also a strengthening hair saviour, brimming with vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Hydrating and moisturising oils 

Natural oils are the hair heroes you absolutely want in your mask. They help fortify your cuticles and lock in moisture to increase softness and shine. 

Look for oils including peach kernel oil, macadamia, argan, and coconut. Read more about the benefits of these four superstar oils here.

What is a hair mask ingredient you want to see teamed with oils in the formula? Shea butter. Research tells us shea butter has “good water-binding properties” which can aid in increasing moisture to parched strands. 

Vitamin E for antioxidant protection

Vitamins provide antioxidant protection for your locks. They help fortify hair against the stress caused by styling, exposure to UV and pollution, and also hair products. 

Vitamin E helps restore keratin, in turn making it shinier and silkier. As we mentioned, shea butter is rich in vitamins A and E and so is argan, peach kernel, and macadamia oil. Another form of vitamin E to look for on the ingredients list is Tocopherol which research has found to minimise hair fall

What is a hair mask ingredient you don’t want to see? There are actually a few; sulfates, silicones, phthalates, and parabens. Over time, these ingredients can do more harm than good including increased dryness and scalp greasiness. 

Scalp soothing formulation

It’s not only your hair that needs nourishment but your scalp. Lightweight masks packed with nutrients and moisture-promoting ingredients condition the hair without leaving a thick residue on the scalp.  

Why you’ll love the Peach Hair Mask 

Want to see a dramatic difference in the strength, texture, softness and volume of your hair? 

If the answer is yes (who is answering no to that question?!) let us introduce you to the Peach Hair Mask.  

Designed to rapidly repair and restore damaged hair, the Peach Hair Mask is packed with over 95% natural and organic ingredients and delivers results from a single application.  

What’s not to love?

Brimming with nourishing, organic oils

Your strands benefit from all the goodness of peach kernel oil, macadamia, argan, and coconut oil.

Fast acting - hydrates and rejuvenates in 5 minutes 

Hair is quickly and deeply penetrated to improve the look and feel in just 5 minutes. The mask can be left on longer for more intense treatment. 

It smells amazing 

Get great-looking hair that smells incredible! Peach kernel oil wraps your locks in a delicious fragrance that lingers all day. 


Suitable for all hair types, from fine and straight to coarse and curly, the lightweight formulation won’t weigh down thin hair but is rich enough to deeply nourish thick locks.

Way easier than messy DIY 

Whipping up homemade hair masks can be a messy, icky experience. Mashed banana and egg yolk, anyone? The Peach Hair mask is everything your locks need, easy to apply, rinse, and smells divine. Unlike raw eggs.

Free from harmful ingredients

You won’t find sulfates, silicones, phthalates, and parabens in the Peach Hair Mask.

30-day money-back guarantee

That’s right. We’re so confident this mask will transform the health of your hair, that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Get healthy hair in minutes, shop the Peach Hair Mask today. 

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