Top 12 Tips To Grow Your Hair Out Faster

Are you tired of seeing your hair grow back slowly and want to grow your hair out quicker? Now that you're reading this, here are our top 12 tips to help your hair grow. Now it's important you read the below and try to incorporate as many of these tips into your lifestyle as possible as it is an amalgamation of healthier choices that will boost your hair's growth, leaving your hair fuller and shinier. 

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1. Get regular trims

Now this sounds a little strange as trims will make your hair shorter but it is imperative to get frequent trims for your ends to look and feel healthier. Make this a must-do every few months whether you have to add reminders in your diary or calendar. Also note that we mean trims, and not cutting off a huge amount of hair each time - unless you want to of course.  

2. Stimulate and clean your scalp with a scalp massager

A scalp massager will boost blood circulation to the area which in turn will promote hair growth. It's best practice to do this every time you shampoo your hair or even on dry hair when you want a little at-home massage experience. 

3. Delay your hair wash days for as long as possible

Your hair's natural oils will help with hair growth as they nourish and hydrate on their own. You can try to delay your wash day by an extra day using dry shampoo and/or putting your hair back in a hair clip. You might temporarily have oilier hair but trust me, it'll be worth it!

4. Investing in a nourishing hair mask with a clean formula and no nasties

Hydrating your hair with a good hair mask filled with amazing natural oils and butters will help further prevent hair breakage, damage and tangles. A hair mask provides the nutrients antioxidants that your hair needs to promote hair growth as your hair will stay healthier. This is particularly important on the ends of your hair as they are often weaker and thinner. 

5. Avoid using hot styling tools unless absolutely necessary

Firstly, try to avoid using hair dryers. This might mean planning to wash your hair earlier in the day so that your hair has more time to air dry. Also try to minimise your use of hair straighteners or hair curlers. On days where you have to use heat styling tools on your hair, make sure you use a good heat protectant spray and always use the tools on a lower setting.

6.  Improving your diet and eating healthier

After all, it's vital that you know exactly what you're putting in your body if you want the physical results to be amazing. You need to feed your body with the correct nutrients with food that is high in protein, iron, vitamin E, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids as they're all known to stimulate hair growth. 

7. Taking hair growth supplements and vitamins

Try taking vitamins containing biotin and vitamin B and C which are all known to assist with hair growth. We recommend you reaching out to your doctor for professional medical advice before taking hair growth supplements.

8. Avoid chemical treatments such as bleach or hair colouring

While these treatments may make your hair look amazing, they are all detrimental to your natural hair's growth and condition. Bleach is especially harmful on darker hair as it causes significant damage by opening up your hair strand cuticles. Bleaching your hair can also cause damage scalp to your scalp.

9. Don't take hot showers or baths when you're washing your hair

Hot water on your skin and hair will cause dryness so we recommend washing your hair out with cold or lukewarm water. 

10. Sleeping on silk or satin pillowcases

It's time to throw away your cotton pillowcases and replace them with silk or satin ones. Secondly, silk helps to prevent further hair breakage by reducing the friction between your hair strands and your pillow. As an added bonus, your night time routine will instantly feel super luxurious when you start sleeping on silk or satin pillowcases.

11. Using hair clips instead of hair ties

Stop tying your hair up with a hair tie and use hair clips instead as the tight strain on your hair strands can cause more random breakage and stress. 

12. De-tangle your hair gently when brushing

Avoid being aggressive on your hair strands when brushing to detangle. Not only does this cause stress on your hair, it also causes breakage, which won't allow your hair grow any longer. While it's important to always be gentle when brushing, this is particularly important when your hair is wet as this is when it is more prone to breakage. 

Which of these tips will you be incorporating into your hair routine? At the end of the day, you will need patience as your hair won't grow out overnight. Patience, consistency and love for your hair are vital to quickly and successfully growing your hair out. 

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